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Conditions of Development:

1. Upfront 50% Payment upon invoice on any design work - no acceptions.
2. Final payment prior to website being uploaded and going live or 95% complete.
3. Client must make all required information and images for development prior to the website being ordered.
4. Our website design pricing is for front-end design only.
5. Our website design packages exclude individual products over 20, thereafter a new quote will be provided to the client.
6. Extra pages of design can be quoted over and above the provided design package, quote or during design process...
7. Re-designing of logo's, images and creating new text will be charged over and above the rates provided.
8. Sample websites will be live on the back of Joziweb Designs and will only be available for viewing during the course of the project or unless otherwise arranged by prior notice.
9. Hosting of websites is to the clients account - we use Hetzner (www.Hetzner.co.za)
10. Domain registration is to the clients account - we use Hetzner.co.za
11. All payment shall be via EFT and made available immediately before any further design is undertaken. No Cheques accepted.
12. Updating of websites once the website is completed and live is to our disgression and can be charged to the clients account.
13. Joziweb Designs reserves the right to place the link "Designed by Joziweb Designs" on all websites developed or re-designed by us.
14. If a client cancels during the design process, then the client will lose the deposit paid for work already undertaken.
15. Should a quote be provided to a client for a specific amount of pages or products and Joziweb Designs finds out that the specific amount of pages is over and above the amount quoted due to Joziweb Designs fault or client's fault, then Joziweb Designs reserves the rights to change the price quoted, even if the development has begun and a deposit has been paid.

These terms and conditions supercede all previous terms and conditions